Work it Girl

Why do girls spend so much time getting ready in the
morning? Why do we spend so much time online shopping or at the mall, searching for items that will bring out our best features? Hate to break it to you
gentlemen, but it certainly is not all for you. Rather, we like to feel pretty
and attractive for ourselves, it’s a form of entertainment. Translated: it’s
like Madden, except better. So now that we’re all on the same page, I want to
address an emerging fitness trend; sexy workouts.

Before you roll your eyes and stop reading, let me explain.
For years, American media has paid attention to the beauty of the female body,
while many surveys show that more than 70 percent of women are unhappy with
some part of their body image, and millions suffer from eating disorders. Why?
They feel that they’ll never measure up to the standards presented in the
magazines or in the movies, many of which are edited to portray women with
almost no body fat present. To address this as well as the need for a fun,
effective workouts, several workout initiatives are being designed with women
in mind. Sexy workouts are designed to burn a ton of calories, while at the
same time instilling a healthy body image and confidence into the women
completing them.

Ever heard of Flirty Girl Fitness? Piloxing? Everyone has
heard of Zumba; just like all of the others listed, it provides women (and
brave men) to get into gyms everywhere, sweat and shake it to the beat. Self,
Glamour, Shape, Cosmo, Fitness, and more have all released multiple articles
this year critiquing programs like this and gushing enthusiasm for their
effectiveness at encouraging females to work out. Girls of all ages want to
figure out how to get their bodies looking like celebrities, and if that can be
accomplished through a fun and social method, it is even more likely that they
will participate.

Certainly, these types of workouts are not for everyone.
Some girls will still stick to strength training or regular cardio exercises. However,
it is possible to bring some element designed to increase self confidence to
every workout so that when female participants complete the workout they feel
more fabulous than before. As fitness enthusiasts, we need to address the
urgent issue of poor body image amongst women produced by the media and other
outside influences. We can do this through fitness by teaching women to move in
new ways and to challenge their bodies to accomplish new tasks, resulting in
self confidence increases and a more fit female population; women who are
excited to get into the gym to have a great time with friends while blasting


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