The Value of Interval Training

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Interval training consists of short bursts of high intensity along with recovery periods. When completing an interval, you should push yourself to exert 100%, your best effort, for the duration of the work. Next, when resting you should try to bring your heart rate down as quickly as possible.

Interval workouts are used by most athletes training at high intensity levels in preparation for their games. In sports, it is important to know when to give your absolute best and when to rest and recover so that you can do it again. High intensity interval training and Tabata training have gained popularity recently, especially because studies show that they burn more calories over time, meaning that they are essentially raising your metabolism in the period after your workout and continuing to burn calories even several hours later.

Interval training is a lot of fun to do outdoors, especially in the nice weather this time of year. Head outside somewhere where you have plenty of space and start out with a few minutes of jogging to get warmed up. For speed intervals, try running all out as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then recovering for 40 before running as fast as you can for 20. Try to repeat this pattern 3 times.

Next, try lunge jumps. Lower down into a lunge then jump up and switch to the other side, jumping forwards as well as up. Complete 20 then move on to frog jumps; lower down into a squat and touch your fingertips to the ground between your feet then jump up and forward as high and as far as you can 20 times.

One more high intensity interval exercise is pushups with floor jacks. Complete one push up, then hop your feet out wide then back to shoulder width apart; complete 20 of these as well. If you do all 4 sets listed here 3 times you will have a complete high intensity interval workout.


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