Inspiration from Cough Drops

With the recent changes in the weather here in New Orleans (one day it was 80, the next it was 40), I have caught a little cold. I picked up some cough drops at the store, and was surprised to find that cough drops now include inspirational sayings on their wrappers. Each time I go to grab one, “Power through!” “Don’t waste a precious minute.” “Push on!” “Keep your chin up.” or “You got it in you” inspires me to get better faster. I got to thinking about the power of a positive statement at the right timing during a workout can inspire one to push harder, retain a high intensity for longer, or finish strong in the face of exhaustion.

At any point in a workout regime or training plan, it is easy to give up or back down, and often we can think of decent reasons to justify why we weren’t able to continue with our routine. During the holidays, these reasons may include having family in town, being too busy preparing food, swamped with work, or too busy being Santa. This year, make a commitment to chuck these excuses out the door and stick to your goal. Use positive statements and mantras to power through your most challenging days. Below, exercises you can do this holiday season using common gym equipment (a BOSU & a bar) which are highly time efficient & effective.

1) BOSU & Bar Deadlift w/ Arm Raise – The toughest part of this move is getting to balance on the BOSU. Try holding on to something stable at first, once you are balanced; drop the bar down pushing it past your knees while keeping your back flat. Next, come back to the standing position and pull the bar up to your chest, keeping your elbows out to the side.

2) BOSU Push up w/ Arm Extension – Start in a plank position, hands below your shoulders. Keeping your body in a straight line, go all the way down until your chest is on the top of your BOSU. Hold it at the bottom and push both arms up and behind you, bring the arms back to your side then push back up.

WATCH how to do a BOSU push up & Deadlift Here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3) BOSU Lunge Jumps – Start in the lunge position with one leg on the top rounded side of the BOSU, the other on the ground, push up and over jumping over to the other side.

4) BOSU Overhead Press – With the bar below your chin, step up onto the rounded side of the BOSU and push the bar up overhead, palms facing away from you, extend the elbows to the top and focus on your core to stay balanced on one leg at the top of the move.

CURIOUS about how to do the lunge jumps or the overhead press? Check them out in action here:


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