Hola Madrid!

It’s Sunday, finally a day of rest… Who am I kidding? This city literally never sleeps, and I thought New York was crazy! Since arriving last Tuesday, the whole experience has been a whirlwind of activity. I’ve been to at least 5 new restaurants and sampled more than 15 tapas, enjoyed enough jamon and queso to develop a 5 month appetite for it, and seen some of the craziest nightlife. This is coming from someone who has lived in New Orleans for the past 3 years.

Alex, Olivia, Leila & I picked a nice 4 bedroom flat very close to our school, but right in the middle of the bar hopping party district. We have a street cleaner come down our street every night. Not that I’m complaining, rather I’m considering it as part of the experience. My room is awesome, with high ceilings, 2 beds (come visit!), and 2 balconies. Shopping and restaurants are abundant during the day, bars and clubs are right around the corner at night. A lot of our week was dedicated to finding an apartment, moving into the apartment, and shopping for necessary things for the apartment, as well as catching up on sleep!

While also enjoying good food, we got really touristy yesterday and visited the Palacio Real. The building is still used for some of Spain’s government functions, but a section of it has been left as it was under various monarchs, most notably King Carlos III. The artwork and decor inside the palace was breathtaking, as was the view from the palace, which is situated on a hill. My neck started to hurt from looking up at all of the art on the ceilings… most impressive was a whole room which was decorated in porcelain; every single wall surface was covered with porcelain artwork, the effect was very impressive. I feel as though I’ll have to visit again to really take it all in.

I have already been on one run this week, which resulted in me getting hopelessly lost, but luckily I found a map and navigated my way back. Now it’s time for my second run & this time I’m going to try to make it to the Parque del Oeste… Updates to come. Besos!


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