Drama Comes in Doses

Some things don’t change. Drama comes in doses. The roomies & I found that out this week. The real world is stressful; housing contracts are no fun. Luckily we got everything figured out & locked in our apartment for about the same price as we’d be paying to live by Tulane in Nola… except we are in one of the best locations for students in Madrid! So weird… Grooveshark said it best yesterday “We are all where we Belong” came up on the opening page.

Now that the stress & drama are behind us, we can begin to explore the city around us! This week we have intensive Spanish classes. Yesterday, my teacher spoke entirely in Spanish and entirely too fast the whole time. I had better learn fast. Also, if I want to start buying things at the store and eating things at restaurants & actually know what they are, I had better expand my vocabulary & fast!

Due to my obsession with shopping and clothes, I’ve already explored the Gran Via & Fuencarral, two of the major shopping streets in the city. All the stores are having their semi-annual sales, or Rebajas, until the end of January. Not to worry, in an exercise of self control, I only bought a few necessary items. Like skinny pants, since everyone here wears them! And slippers, since the tiles in my apartment are freezing! I also purchased a floor fan to subdue the noise from one of the most popular bars in Madrid which is 20 feet from my window… With 2 fans and a noisemaker, I am good to go.

Google Calendar is my personal assistant for making plans for the rest of this week. First goal: get into the gym! All the stress turned me into a sloth… & I ate wayyy to much European chocolate (YUM!) but not good for me. Walking everywhere can only burn so many calories. I’m also meeting up with an old friend today for advice on what to do with myself in Madrid! There are endless possibilities… Hence the need for a wall dedicated to things to do while here. I’ll let you know as I check them off.



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