Cold, cold, colddd

It is 30 degrees outside… I didn’t know human life could continue to exist at such a temperature. I made the incredibly smart decision to go for a training run, braving the 30 degree weather with like 20 mph winds… I am running in Rome in a month and a half anyhow. My reward for this training run was a frozen face, frozen hands, and a frozen brain. It took about 2 hours to recover; and I had been wearing 3 layers! This nonsense can not continue.

Today, two things are bothering me. 1) the speed and competence of the Spanish mail system… I sent a letter (took 30 minutes!) and I am expecting a packing (it’s 7pm!). 2) someone somewhere decided that Spanish woman should be anorexic as well. Now I think this makes absolutely no sense as the Hispanic/ Latina culture has always identified with curves and woman who have natural shapes. But somewhere in the last few years that has changed to women aspiring to look like the stick figures they plaster on the front of every magazine here, and the women on gym advertisements whose body fat is around 5%.  This would not make me so mad, except how in this culture are women supposed to be that skinny? All they eat is carbs, and they are expected to take on the majority of duties around the home. Here begins a feminist rant, but really it is something to think about. How cultural norms are formed and carried out can really reveal a lot about a society.

Which brings me to Spanish men. Yes, I have blonde hair but newsflash: My name is not Barbie. It also is not Sugar. So I suggest you stop calling me that. Also, I don’t want a drink that’s been in your hands after you make a comment like that. Additionally, could you please shave sometime between now & next year? Plus, I know it is quite the phenomenon to see a woman running anywhere here, but really, I do not need your encouragement, I am doing just fine. Would someone like to tell me how to summarize all of that in Spanish por favor? Muchas gracias if you do…

Now on to the good news… Well as of now, I only have classes here on Monday – Wednesday… = 4 day weekend! This is particularly exciting for traveling. Last weekend I took a trip to Toledo and saw the main sights there. The Gothic church was most definitely my favorite. What really made the town such a great place to visit was the gorgeous views from every side. The whole town is along a river and has several hills, it is postcard picturesque. For lunch, I tried partridge for the first time, most delicious! Dessert was, of course, the famous marzapan of Toledo – absolutely amazing! Next day trips will be to the monastery at El Escorial and Segovia

Any and all recommendations for European travel are most welcome… It is quite the challenge to figure out where to go, how much it will cost, etc!


3 thoughts on “Cold, cold, colddd

  1. If you get a chance to go to France, go to Avingnon – the palace of the popes – spectacular! You have been to Monte Carlo and Monaco, haven’t you? Zach and Ty loved Normandy. Have fun!

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