Start Planning

Hey y’all, I’m about to hit you with a factual realization… Spring Break is a little over a month away, and you have less than 90 days until the start of summer. Say what? Winter is flying by, so instead of hibernating and promising to exercise when it’s nicer out, you need to start now in order to look and feel your best by the time the heat hits. Looking your best may or may not include losing 10 pounds. It may or may not be about sculpting arm muscles that look sexy in your tank top; and it may or may not include striving towards a 6 pack. Whatever, looking and feeling your best means to you, here are some straightforward tips everyone (including me!) can work at in order to feel confident when the weather heats up:

1) Drink more water! A lot of times when it is cold out, we forget to drink as much water. Being dehydrated can dry out our skin, reduce the capacity of our brain to work things out, and make it harder for our bodies to digest food. Stay hydrated during the winter to make sure your other efforts to be your best can be effective.

2) Step away from the chocolate. Often during colder months, we allow ourselves to have that last piece of chocolate, with the excuse that it doesn’t really matter too much for now; we’ll work it off later. Would you allow yourself to eat 2 slices of cake during the summer? For whatever reason, we seem to be more bodily conscious and self aware during the summer months, try your best to practice this discipline during the winter as well.

3) Force yourself to do at least 2 hours of cardio per week. Yes, I know its cold outside so walking your dog, going to the park, or jogging around your neighborhood are not the most attractive options. Many exercisers neglect to do as much cardio during the winter, so bundle up and head outside or to the gym for at least 2 solid hours per week to get your blood flowing and your metabolism going.

4) Choose your focus area. Will it be legs, arms, or abs? Choose one of these 3 major areas to improve upon. Set a specific goal for winter, and do your best to improve on that specific area which will allow you to be more confident in your shorts, tank tops, or bikini once it’s time to hit the beach.

5) Make it fun. It’s easy to feel down when the weather’s cloudy and cold all the time. Make sure you engage in at least 1 fun form of exercise each week. That could include zumba, soccer, kickboxing, cycling, tennis, or yoga. Step off of the treadmill or elliptical and make sure to add fun variety to your workouts to stay engaged.

Try these simple tips as you navigate through the last few weeks of winter in order to get pumped for the spring and summer months right around the corner. If you’re able to stick with these tips, you’ll certainly feel more confident and prepared for the season than if you continue to use winter as an excuse for inactivity and over eating. Best of luck, see you at the beach!


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