Getting hotter…

Ok so the weather is bouncing around, one day cold, the next day warm. In the morning it’s freezing, by mid afternoon you could get a tan. However much the weather may be unable to stay on track, I sure hope you are staying focused. With Spring Break directly around the corner, and Memorial Day coming up soon, it is crunch time. Well actually, sit up and get moving time if you read my last post, so let’s keep that going. Today’s post is all about sculpting arms & legs; or rather giving them an extra challenge that pushes past the limits of the biceps curl and regular squat. You don’t need weights for any of the following 4 moves, just a chair, so you literally have no excuse not to get started on this routine today.

For the arms:

1) Triceps dips – Often cited as one of the most effective moves for toning triceps, for this move you need to stand in front of your chair and place your hands behind you on the seat of the chair, fingers facing towards you. From this starting position, you need to hinge from your elbows, bending your knees and allowing your body to sink down, while keeping your back flat and your butt as close to the chair as possible. Once your arms are at a 90 degree angle, use your triceps to return to the start position. Complete 3 sets of 12.

2) Chair pushups – Start with a low number of reps on these until you gain strength. This time, you need to place your hands once again on the seat of the chair, but with your fingers facing out towards either side. To complete a chair push up, lower your chest down towards your hand, bending from the elbow, while keeping your back flat. You should feel this exercise all along the outside of your upper arms as well as In your core as you stabilize.

For the legs:

1) Sumo Squat + side leg lift – For this exercise, you will stand directly behind the chair with your hands resting on the back of the chair, turn your toes outward and make sure that your feel are far enough apart so that your knees do not go past your toes when you lower into a sumo squat. When you come up out of the sumo squat, life one leg up and out to the side, using the chair for balance, and attempting to lift the leg to a 90 degree angle before lowering it to the start position and entering right back into a sumo squat, alternating sides for the leg lifts. 1 set is 10 squats + leg lifts per side, complete 3 sets.

2) 1 leg step ups with balance – Targeting your quadriceps as well as your balance, stand in front of your chair to begin this exercise. Take one foot and place it directing in the center of the chair. Bring the other foot up to the level of the chair, then without letting it touch the chair, lift your knee up to a 90 degree angle before lowering that leg down. Complete 12 on one side, then switch and do 12 on the other side for a full set. Complete 3 sets.

Push, push, push! These are all challenging exercises, so if you need to start out with less reps or less sets, go ahead and do so until you can work up to the full amount. Completing these exercising is a great way to do a tone up of your arms and legs.


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