Spring Break: Thursday – Saturday

Thursday, we slept in late since we didn’t have anywhere to be in the morning. Susie and I went on another walk down the beach in the other direction, but got rained on half way through which wasn’t pleasant. However, it was really windy outside so there were a ton of kite surfers out on the water, their kites weaving in and out and creating a wonderful display of color against the blue ocean, clouds, and sky. We spent most of the day lounging around the resort, and at 5:15 we met up with Lisa to go to Marbella for the Easter Processions for Maundy Thursday.

Since the processions run on Spanish time, it took quite a while for the first one to get going. The procession was almost an exact replica of what we had seen in Estepona on Sunday. There were bands, members of the church, and the large “imagens” of both Jesus and Mary. Once the procession passed by us, we headed down towards the beach. We visited the park which has several sculptures made by Salvador Dali. We headed towards the center of town towards Orange Square, but it was so packed because of the procession! We decided to head back towards the beach were we found a restaurant to eat dinner. After dinner, I stayed down by the beach for a while before heading back up towards the procession. The beach was so nice and relaxing and deserted because everyone was at the procession. I watched as the light disappeared from the sky and the wind causes the waves to hit against some of the rocks lining the shore. Marbella has a beautiful waterfront promenade that I walked along until I started to hear music coming from a procession. I went back up towards the main street, and found that it was the exact same procession we had seen about 4 hours before. When we got back on the bus, Lisa explained that it was indeed the first procession just finishing up. We had wanted to see the start of the second procession, but evidently, that would be starting later since the first one was running late. We got back on the bus at around 10pm and headed back the resort.

We stayed up late watching TV, reading, and on the internet. Friday morning we slept in again. When I got up, the sun was out so I went for another hour long walk down the beach. When I got back, it was still relatively sunny so I put on my swim suit and headed to the pool. I got about a good 30 minutes of sun before the clouds moved in and the rain began. I headed back to the room, read some, then hit the gym… Well almost hit the gym. The sun came back out so first I spent an hour lying out by the pool, working on improving my base tan before going to the gym for abs and arms.

After going to the gym, I was starving so I prepared some noodles with a red wine, tomato, and pepper sauce. Ashley, Susie, and I ate this with our complimentary bottle of red wine from the resort. Then I spent a few hours at the indoor pool working on my paper for Spanish Literature Class.

Saturday I spent at the pool and the beach being a beach bum. I read a murder mystery novel and the sun was actually out so I got my first tan lines of the season finally! Ashley and I enjoye delicious burgers at the pool side bar again and moved our chairs to avoid the shade from the palm trees. We relaxed until 6pm, when we had to take a bus to get to our plane and then get on the metro to finally get home! My break was the perfect mixture of sightseeing and relaxing. A vacation from my vacation in a fantastic destination!


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