Beach Workout

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This simple, yet effective workout can be done pretty much anywhere, but it is just so much more motivating with gorgeous scenery in the background. If you can’t do the exercises on the beach, why not head to a local park? Just get outside, somewhere, anywhere! Do these moves which challenge your core and improve your balance.

To get warmed up:

1) Twist walks – Take your left knee and bring it to meet up with your right elbow directly in the center of your body as you take a step forward. On the next step, take your right knee and touch it to your left elbow as you continue to step forward, thinking about pulling your stomach in tight and using balance and control.

2) Kung fu you – Take both hands up overhead and kick your left leg out in front while bringing your fingers to touch your toes. Lift your hands back overhead and step out with the right leg this time, kicking and moving forward.

Get on that Core:

1) Choose your variation of side crunches – Stand with your fingers behind your ear, elbow out to the side. Bring your knee towards your elbow as you hinge into a side crunch without moving your hand. You can also perform a side crunch with a straight leg for more balance, just crunch as far as you can before lowering your leg.

2) Sky Planks – Get yourself into a plank position, like you are about to do a push up, with your body in a straight line. Lift one arm up directly overhead, rotating your body towards that side and looking up towards the sky. Lower that arm down, establish your balance, and switch sides.

Power through the Legs:

Squats & lunches with jumps are much more effective in the sand, because it offers a different kind of resistance than the hardwood floor at the gym. Balance will be required upon landing to keep an equal amount of your weight on both legs. Try more challenging moving lunges by moving from lunge to lunge with a jump forward in between, instead of just stepping forward. Try squat jumps with a 180 degree rotation, landing softly in the sand. Your goal with any kind of jumps in the sand is to have as much control as you can, displacing as little sand as you can upon landing.

While outside, don’t forget to go for a run or a jog! Just 5 to 10 minutes can make a difference. Running outside, away from the treadmill and off of main roads forces your legs to engage all of your muscles to help you balance with each stride. See the slide show above for examples of each exercise mentioned… And don’t be afraid to get creative and add some of your own!


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  1. Saw your Facebook post and checked out this workout and other stuff on your website. This is some pretty sweet stuff, hope everything has been going well!!

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