1st day in Paris, France

Our flight was so early on Monday morning that Joey & I had to take a taxi in order to get there on time. It was a RyanAir flight, so we ended up camped out in line at the airport for about an hour or so. Then, when we arrived in “Paris”, we were actually at Paris-Beauvis, which is out in the country over an hour away from Paris. We had to take a bus to get to the edge of the city and we got on the metro from there. Then we made our way towards the apartment we rented on Canal St. Martin from airbnb.com. We got off on the metro stop Republique in the 10th district of Paris, and had sandwiches at a cafe for lunch before giving the apartment owner a call.

It was pouring rain our whole first day in Paris. When we made it to our apartment, we were both exhausted so we took a nap before heading to Sacred Heart Cathedral. Sacred Heart is a fairly recent Catholic church, set up on a hill which overlooks the city. The view would have been much more impressive if it hadn’t been so rainy and stormy. After seeing the inside of the Cathedral, we took the metro to the Arc de Triumph, then we went shopping on the Champs de Elysses.

We kept ducking into stores as the rain came down. I enjoyed the fashion and the jewelry stores, and Joey liked checking out the car dealers. The marketing and advertising presented in each store window was impressive! I could have bought a million things, but I only ended up buying new black tights because I had rips in the pairs I have here. An image of self control…  We stuck to just one side of the street and spent over an hour browsing. Finally, we were so soaked that we headed to the grocery store to pick up some food to make dinner. We also went by the pharmacy since the changes in weather were really making my nose and my throat unhappy. We had fish, risotto, veggies, & wine in our tiny Parisian apartment and watched Mad Men on the owners TV which was connected to the internet. Since we needed to wake up around 6:30 for the tour we were going on the next day, we went to bed early as it rained on. I thought it might never stop raining…


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