Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame

We were up early on Tuesday morning in order to go on a Viator tour of Versailles. Amazingly, it had stopped raining & wasn’t too cold. We took a train from Paris to Versailles, and our first stop on the tour was the Versailles market. Joey & I got crepes with brown sugar, bananas and Grand Marnier. We also bought some cheese and some fresh made stuffed ravioli to make for dinner later. We bought a bottle of apple cider to have with lunch, and walked around pretty much the whole market. Then we met back up with our tour gate and walked to the back entrance of the gardens of Versailles. Our tour guide gave us a guided commentary tour of a big chunk of the gardens fanning out from the palace. We learned a lot about the history of Louis the 14th, 15th, and 16th, refered to as the one who made it, the one who enjoyed it, and the one who paid for it, in reference to Versailles. There was not many flowers in the garden, instead they are composed of greenery and fountains. The sheer size of the gardens is incredible, although we walked through for over 3 hours, we still didn’t even see half of the total garden size. I really liked the fountains made out of sea shells. We only got to see a few fountains turned on; this is because there are so many fountains that they can’t turn them all on at the same time. We had a baguette for lunch, then continued the tour.

In the afternoon, we got to visit the inside of the Versailles Palace. This was our least favorite part of the tour, because although it was gorgeous, it was packed! It was hard to move at times because there were so many people there. It was much nicer to be outside enjoying the nice day rather than crammed inside. When we got back into the city, we got off of the train at the Eiffel Tower. We took a ton of pictures from different angles, and walked through the huge park that spreads out from the tower. After about an hour being there, we took the metro to Notre Dame. We visited the inside of the Notre Dame, and since we were there around 6pm, we caught the tail end of that day’s mass. The stained glass windows were my favorite part of the Cathedral. We walked around the back of the cathedral, checking out the gargoyles and the flying buttresses. We walked across the Love Lock bridge right behind the Cathedral and took more pictures.

On our way back to the apartment, we stopped at a bakery and bought a chocolate and a macaroon dessert. Then I made the stuffed ravioli, we had a baguette and cheese, we drank wine, and topped it off with the bakery desserts, it was our best dinner in Paris! Soo yummy! We knocked out 3 major tourist attraction on this day & had a great time at each. We spent enough time at each place to really get a feel for it and enjoy it. Seeing Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre Dame in one day was like something out of a travel & tourism magazine, and we topped it all off with great food!


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