Giverny, Bateux Mouges, & Eiffel Tower at Night

Giverny is the village where Monet’s house and gardens are; an important place for artists of the impressionist movement. In order to get to Giverny, Joey and I were up early and took a train to a town which is about 8 kilometers away from Giverny. Then, we rented bikes at a cafe after getting a quick snack and rode down a beautiful path lined with wildflowers and gorgeous views of the countryside to get there. Although we had been in Versailles the day before, Versailles is not truly in the countryside. Giverny is still largely undeveloped, which I loved.

Once we reached the town, we locked up our bikes and went to see Monet’s gardens, which were full of blooming flowers in a variety of colors. Purple, yellow, red, orange, and more in a variety of different types of blooms. We were excited to see the water gardens, and were amazed by how much the area looks just as it probably did when Monet painted his famous water lilies. We thought how easy it must have been to paint in such gorgeous surroundings. Although it was a little bit crowded with tourist groups, we managed to work our way through, see everything, and take good pictures.

The inside of Monet’s house showed several of his Asian artwork designs as well as many of his original works. After touring his home, we walked through the town of Giverny and stopped in some art galleries. Then we visited the church where Monet was buried, which was simple, although his grave was clearly marked and had flowers all around it. We got back on our bikes to ride to a really cute lunch place, where we enjoyed beef and chicken kabobs with local wine. Then we rode our bikes back towards the train station and stopped at a church along the way. Our train was delayed by 50 minutes, so we ended up just walking around the town shopping for a while.

When we made it back to the city, we went on a Bateux Mouge river cruise. The cruise was really cool because we got to see all of the main Parisian sights from the Seine.


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