Manarola to Corniglia (Cinque Terre, Italy)

Our next hike from Manarola to Corniglia was even more strenuous than the coastal path. Once again, it was about a 2 hour trek. Since the coastal part between Manarola and Vernazza was closed, we has to first hike high up into the vineyards above Manarola and then continue along the ridge to get to Corniglia. There were hundreds of steps to cover and of course, lots of opportunities for taking pictures. Wildflowers dotted the path in an assortment of colors. A church that we stopped in about halfway through had multiple assortments if great smelling fresh picked flowers, which gave the church a lovely floral scent.

Descending from the mountain with the multiple levels of vineyards was tougher than hiking up because it was more strenuous on my knees. We enjoyed gorgeous views of the sea melting into the sky from the trail, but I definitely enjoyed the shaded parts so much more than the sun because it was so hot! Once we arrived in Corniglia, we checked out the tiny town, admiring the views of the sea below. Corniglia is the town which is the highest up above the level of the ocean. I had a strawberry daiquiri and trophie pasta with pesto. Then we has to hike down the 300 plus steps to the train station and we got there just in time to catch a train back to Manarola.

In Manarola, we showered and had happy hour buffalo cheese and tomatoes on our terrace before heading down the hill to get dinner. I got the stuffed mussels since that I’d a specialty of the Cinque Terre and I was dying to try them. It was definitely a good choice because they were delicious. A great conclusion to my short stay in the Cinque Terre. I will remember Cinque Terre as having some of the most rewarding hiking trails with breathtaking postcard views complete with delicious Italian dishes centered around pesto.


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