The day after our sightseeing in Orvieto and Assisi, we decided to take it easy and we headed to Siena. We didn’t wake up too early; since it was a Sunday, we thought there’d be no point of getting there too early since everything would be closed. The main thing we wanted to see was the Cathedral, and also the main square that is very well known for the horse races held there every year. We parked outside of the old city walls and walked in through a residential area of the town until we reached the tourist area and the huge Cathedral. We bought our tickets, but the cathedral did not open until 1:30, so we decided to go and get some lunch in the square first.


Siena is a great example of a Medieval Town, well preserved as it was, but as such, it does not have very much color. Everything is pretty much a muted shade of black, brown, grey, or brown. The Square basically consists of a spectrum of shades of brown and is entirely paves with cobblestones. We choose promising looking pizza place with wifi. Although the pizza looked amazing, it tasted horrible. It was definitely the worst food place that I went to with my mom and Laura in Italy. The lesson here is do not eat food in large tourist squares because it is usually over prices and not all that great; instead find somewhere hidden on a side street = usually cheaper and much better. We were definitely served our lesson at this place. Oh well, we fully experienced the view of the square, with tourists pausing for photos every few feet and pigeons roaming on the lookout for food.


After lunch, we could make our way back towards the Cathedral. On the inside of the cathedral, my mom and I were given these ridiculous shawls to wear; her to cover her shoulders and me to cover my legs. The shawls were so ridiculous because they were made of a sheer white see-through material that didn’t really help to cover much of anything. The thing that really stood out about the cathedral was the lines of black and white bricks which created an imposing image. Photos were not allowed inside, but I got a postcard that clearly showed the black and white with golden chandeliers of the interior. Once outside of the cathedral we went shopping as we walked back towards our car. That afternoon we relaxed in Cortona since it was our last day there.


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