The Isle of Capri

Yesterday we boarded the Celebrity Silhouette outside of Rome. The ship is new and super nice. There are lots of dining options, several pools, and a well equipped gym. Before dinner, we went to the ice bar for a martini tasting. The bar tender did an impressive trick; he poured all 6 martinis from their shakers into the Tasting glasses at the same time! After dinner, we went to the opening night show which was basically a variety show introducing the various singers, dancers, and bands that will be entertaining us on the cruise. Over night, we sailed down the coast to Naples. My mom had just been to Naples on her last cruise, so we decided to catch a ferry to the isle of Capri, which is a tiny picturesque island; only about 4 by 2 miles large.
We asked around at the port in order to figure out how to get to Capri. We got our tickets and boarded one of the fast boats to the island. What Mr. Rick Steve’s and other travel agents neglected to mention is that the ride to the island is sheer hell. The boat goes fast, sure, but it’s packed with people and as hot as hell. Also, it tosses and turns like a rubber ducky in a bath tub. On the way over, I was not feeling well at all so I headed to the back of the boat to try to go outside, but when I got back there I saw that the entire deck was covered in vomit and more people were heading there to lose their breakfast. I was nauseous and sweating so I sat at the back of the boat and popped vitamin C lozenges. I used my fan frantically and prayed for deliverance. Finally, we made it to Capri and I had never been more excited to get onto solid ground.

Once on land, we first bought our return ticket to make sure we could get back in time to make it onto the cruise ship. Then we inquired about boats going out to the Blue Grotto; one of Capri’s main attractions. Unfortunately, the ocean was too rough to allow entrance into the grotto. Entering the grotto is only possible during low tides and calm seas. So we bought tickets for the Funicular to take us up to the actual town of Capri. We were immediately assaulted by hundreds of tourists and shops with every high end designer possible. We got a map from the tourist office and decided to go on a scenic walk.

We started out from the main square in Capri and headed through residential areas until the road turned into a trail which brought us to the Arco Naturale, a magnificent natural rock arch high up above the water. We snapped several photos before continuing on with the rest of the hike. The next thing we came across was an old cave, where it was obvious that people at some time had lived. We followed the trail down and around the island, which rewarded us with gorgeous views of the ocean, the cliffs, and a variety of fauna. We were able to take several pretty photos during our hour and a half hike. Hiking this trail in Capri was very similar to hiking in the Cinque Terre, except slightly less strenuous. It was certainly a good compliment to the hiking we had done between Monterosso and Vernazza the week before.

After our hike, we stopped by a bakery. I had some focaccia with cheese, tomatoes, eggplant, and prosciutto. I also got a soft lemon cookie and a soft pistachio cookie, which were kind of like flavored wedding cookies. Then we took the funicular down and my mom got coffee while I got a frozen lemonade so that we could use the wi go at a cafe by the harbor. Even though we were only on the isle of Capri for about 5 hours, we got a really good feeling for what it was all about. I really liked how pretty it was and all of the gorgeous viewpoints. My mom and I enjoyed being able to go on a short hike as opposed to staying in town shopping with the majority of the tourists.

Now we are headed back on the same horrible boat. Before we left Capri, we bought motion sickness pills, I ate an apple, and I bought 4 Chupa Lupa suckers. I may or may not be listening to “I’m on a Boat” on repeat while writing this blog to take my mind off of the tossing and churning ocean outside of the windows. As they say, beauty is pain. The isle of Capri certainly was a beauty so this ocean crossing is the pain you have pay for it, I suppose.


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