Spa Day

the ledge over the tunnel

walking on the Danube River

Gellert thermal baths

On my second day in Budapest, I slept until noon! Hello, jet lag. The apartment I was staying in was very dark and I did not get very much sleep on the plane so I quickly remedied that. When I woke up, I went to get some fruit at the Central Market Hall. I bought 3 pounds of small peaches for $1 – if only that were true at home…

Then I made my way across the Gellert Bridge to the Gellert Spa and Hotel. I had previsouly visited a bath house in Budapest and very much enjoyed it so I decided to try the Gellert Spa. The Gellert Spa was a bit smaller than Szechenyi, but still very enjoyable. After figuring out how to use the lockers, I headed to the indoor thermal baths. The baths range in temperature, all around 100 degrees farenheit. There was also an ice plunge and a steam room. I have never been in such a crazy steam room – the room was kept at 140 degrees and there was so much fog that you could only see two feet to the front of you!

After about two hours, I went to the massage area for my 40 minutes relaxing massage and finished up my visit with another thirty minutes in the thermal baths. It was a great way to relax and recover from several busy weeks leading up to my trip. After visiting the spa, I decided to hike Gellert hill, which offers the best views of Budapest. I sat down at an outlook over the city. then decided it was time for dinner.

I went to Bor la Bor, a smaller local restaurant, for some goulash and local red wine. Then I got citrus soda and some palinka and headed back across the Chain Bridge to the overlook over the tunnel. The sun was setting as I walked past all of the docked tourists boats, cruise boats, and restaurants on the Pest side. By the time I made it to the Buda side, it was dark. I sat on the outlook with lots of other young Hungarians, drank my palinka and ate some chocolate. A great view to end my short stay in Budapest. I was off to bed early, as I had to be up at 5am to head to Pisa.


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