an evening in Venice

a bellini at Harry's Bar

The first place I was determined to try in Venice was Harry’s Bar; home of the original Bellini. Supposedly, Harry’s Bar is the spot where Hemingway frequented when in Venice and the Bellini was created. A sweet peach puree is muddled with quality Proseco to create a delicious and refreshing beverage. Purchasing a Bellini there was quite a splurge, but the bartender stocked me up with peanuts and other snacks, which I appreciated. I sipped my Bellini and imagined the history of the most famous bar in Venice. The Bellini was delicious, and I left the bar as the sun was starting to set over Venice. I walked towards the Strata Nuova to watch the sun set over the lagoon and got some great pictures of the sky. My next stop was a for a glass of wine and a chichivetti, Venetian’s answer to tapas. Then I took some more wine and my Nook down to the Grand Canal to sit and watch the lights on the water and the people going by in all shapes and sizes of boats. One of my favorite things to do in Venice is to sit on the Grand Canal and relax.

grad student celebration

After a while, I became curious about the continuous singing of the students in the streets, so I decided to follow them to see what they were up to. Earlier in the day in St Mark’s Square, there had been the university graduation. Now, the students were singing about being finished with school and making their way to Campo Margherita. In the Campo, large sheets of plastic wrap had been put up to protect the buildings while graduate students donned swimming suits and caps and proceeded to read out an epilogue about their achievements while being forced to drink an entire bottle of alcohol. At the same time, their friends threw tomato sauce and flower and sugar all over them so they were disgusting. Thus is the tradition of Venetian graduate students. It was funny to watch such a different cultural occurrence. See above for a photo from this.

I made my way back to the hotel, passing over the Rialto bridge, which is beautiful all light up at night. My feet were more than tired, so I quickly went to rest and gather my energy for my second day in Venice.


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