Krakow is like Crack

Well I’ve never actually tried crack but from what I hear once you start you can’t stop. It’s like trying to stop after eating just one chocolate chip cookie. Not possible – you can’t quit once you take the first bite!

Krakow is like that. Once you’ve been, you can’t stop thinking about it. Little things pop up in day to day life that remind me of my time in Krakow. And just like that, I’m planning what I want to do when I go back. Krakow is a city destroyed many times, but never ruined. A city that’s been fought over and sold for auction but never acquired – it refuses to be bought. Krakow is the home to old Polish tradition and folklore, but also to an outstanding international university.Image

I would take my mom to Krakow. She’d like it. Especially the history, the churches, the architecture.

I’d take my boyfriend to Krakow. He’d like the nightlife, the food, the art, and the atmosphere.

I would take pretty much anyone to Krakow… want to go? I’d love to show you around, try to get you to understand the magic of the city. I would introduce you to the people so you could understand the pulse of the city. I would take you to a hidden neighborhood cafe or an underground beer cellar and share what I discovered.

But since you can’t go there right now, I’ll write about it instead.


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