February is here: king cakes, chocolate and wine

Year to date king cake count:
– multiple slices from Great Harvest of Acadiana (come on, they are free when you go to pick up a loaf of bread!)
– 2 slices from Menche’s
– 1 slice from Rouse’s
– 1 king cake cupcake from Indulge

I am just getting warmed up people! King cake season is here and it is time to try them ALL! Joking, only the best ones.
Chocolate season is also here but unfortunately I am not in the Czech Republic, Italy, or Belgium so I will not be eating any chocolate that is all that amazing… Maybe next year! I got my box of Russell Stover Valentine’s Day assortments and I eat (at least) one of those little pieces a day.

February is the month that derails almost everyone with a New Year’s resolution because the sweets are everywhere – you can’t escape. If they aren’t in your house, they’re in your workplace, if they’re not in your workplace, you’ll get offered a piece at church, if not at church then while at lunch with a friend. But do not fret – you got this! You have 2 options:

1) Do what I do and eat a little extra sugar but make up for it by running a few extra miles or kickboxing the calories away!
2) Avoid the sugar and stay on your grind.

Are you SERIOUS? Yes! Those are your only 2 options if you would like to maintain or lose weight during February. Eat the sugar and counterbalance it with extra calorie burn or don’t eat the sugar and keep doing what you’re doing. Or you can be in complete denial. People in complete denial eat the sugar and wish and hope and pray that they won’t gain a little extra chubby around their tummy. Delusional.

Or, you can be a victim. “But it was just sitting there” Yes, but roadkill is just sitting there too and somehow you manage to maneuver your car around it. Are you afraid it might come back to life? Or you just want to make sure you don’t get any mashed up remains of armadillo on your tires? The point is just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to eat it (or run over it with your car).

Have your cake and eat it to by incorporating some high intensity cardio moves into your daily routine to keep you on track. Invest in a jump rope, get on a cycle bike, or go for a run (the easiest and usually cheapest option!). Grab some Gliders or hook your feet into a TRX and Burpee, Burpee, Burpee.

Earn that sugar and it will taste so much sweeter.



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