Last night in Krakow

On my last night in Krakow, I met up with my friend Jenny from New Orleans. She and her friend were staying at the Sheraton Hotel right on the river in Krakow. Before meeting with some of her other friends for dinner, we went up to the rooftop bar of the Sheraton for some refreshments. The view from the terrace was stunning looking out over the river and towards Wawel Castle.

We continued to soak up the vibrant atmosphere in Krakow by choosing to dine at Ariel, a traditional Jewish restaurant in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, just a stone’s throw away from the old synagogue. I enjoyed traditional potato lakes with cabbage and cold beer. If you’re in Krakow with some friends or with a date, I would highly suggest dining at Ariel. I would have likely missed out on the restaurant if I had been by myself since it is not the most welcoming place for solo travelers – so I’m glad I got to eat there while in Krakow!

After dinner, we went to a bar in the Jewish Quarter called Alchemia. Alchemia is unique because it is lit almost entirely by long stemmed wax candles. The doors of the bar open up onto Plac Nowy, which is packed with the hip and trendy from sunset to sunrise. Feeling rather tired and wanting to have enough energy for my big plans for my last day in Krakow, I headed home early to get some rest.

I got up early the next morning to take my bag to the train station and deposited it there for the day. I took an overnight train between Krakow and Prague and I needed to check out of my aribnb apartment, so I had to take an extra trip to the station to lose the bag. I started my day off right down the street from Ariel at a place called Hamsa Hummus & Happiness Israeli Restobar. I had seen it a couple days earlier and so I stopped for a half hour to relax in the courtyard and sip some coffee before walking to some of the further out attractions I hadn’t had a chance to visit yet. But I needed more than just coffee to fuel the day’s adventures so I stopped at Bagel Mama, a popular bagel place in the Jewish Quarter for an amazing home made bagel sandwich… I stayed full for several hours after that! The Jewish Quarter is most certainly a culinary highlight in Krakow… more so than some of the touristy traps closer to the Rynek and the Old Town.



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