Post Mardi Gras Makeover!

From New Orleans to Baton Rouge to Lafayette to everywhere else in between, the people of Louisiana know how to have a good time for Mardi Gras. King cakes, beer, wine, and family gatherings leave everyone feeling bloated and remorseful at the start of Lent each year. Forget holiday weight gain, down here it’s the weight you gain between New Years and Mardi Gras that really does you in.

However, spring looms just a few weeks away – vacations to Gulf Shores and Pensacola are being planned and the long sleeves and long pants are about to get packed away. So this year, I have decided to spend 10 days helping my clients (and YOU!) to take a deep breath, detox, and get ready to look great! This 10 day plan is designed to minimize bloating, flush out toxins, and sweat your way to better health.

A daily dose of exercise recommendations, nutritional suggestions, and relaxation cues will help you to look and feel like you are ready to get into great shape for spring and summer! If followed correctly, most participants can expect to lose in between 2 and 4 pounds and be well on their way to success at the gym and in the kitchen!

Sign up by filling out the form below. The program is completely free in exchange for your honest feedback at the conclusion!


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