Replace your Coffee with a Green Smoothie

I wouldn’t tell anyone to do anything or try anything unless I did it first. This past month, I replaced coffee with green smoothies and I had the same, if not more, energy with none of the lightheaded feelings that usually follow caffeine intake. Don’t get lightheaded when you drink caffeine? Try not drinking it for 2 days to see if your body has just adjusted to it. If it’s tough for you to give up caffeine for just 2 days without feeling lousy and lethargic, then it is really time for you to give green smoothies a go.

Green smoothies are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins that our body can process as energy throughout the day. A green smoothie is processed as an energy source far longer than a cup of Joe. The body must work to break down the nutrition from the smoothie, and you may even find the high fiber content of the smoothies helps your digestive system to get a move on.

Want to give green smoothies a try? All you need is a standard kitchen blender. To make a simply smoothie blend a chunk of kale, some lime juice, water, and a chopped up apple. That’s how easy it is. Green smoothies take about 5 minutes to prepare and only a little bit of time to plan ahead for. Plus, you can put them in the freezer for 3 or 4 days, and then refrigerate them over night before you plan to drink them. This means that you can make enough smoothies to last you through the week on Sundays.

The fact is that most people do not get enough fruits and veggies in their diet. Green smoothies are a great way to pack together a large serving of antioxidants in an inexpensive way. Check out my Pinterest board about them for more ideas!



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