The Power of Persistence

Good afternoon readers! After recently concluding my post Mardi Gras makeover email series, I am back online.

The challenge was as much for the readers as for myself to write consistently for longer than a week. Every day I carved out 30 minutes to an hour to come up with interesting content, take photos, and sent out the finished information in one neat email attachment. It was tough! I am definitely the type of person who needs to feel “inspired” to write, and writing every day was out of my comfort zone. But I felt quite good about my accomplishment once I had finished.

I realized that my struggle with writing is exactly like many people’s struggle with health and wellness. Every day at my job I warn new gym members during fitness consultations that most new exercisers give up on their goal and routine within 6 months of starting. Some, within 6 days. It’s painful and it hurts, it’s sweaty and it’s gross. You are reminded every time you exercise about how out of shape, or overweight, or weak you are. Every time you go to the gym, you must motivate yourself to want to change and venture out of the workout routine that is comfortable and safe.

For example, think of the women you see on the elliptical day after day on Level 1. I see these ladies come in for 45 minutes or so and watch TV or read a book with the resistance set at Level 1. They wonder and complain about why their bodies are not changing. In order to achieve a change in your fitness level, you need to be uncomfortable! You need to increase your heart rate, you need to sweat, and it needs to feel challenging.

If where you are today and where you’d like to be in a month are two very different places, think of how you will get there. You know you won’t get there by walking 10 minutes to and from your car during the day. You know you won’t get there eating takeout for dinner three nights a week. You know you won’t get there by vegging out on the TV or your laptop. You will get there if you are motivated to change. You will get there if you try something new every day. You will get there if you visualize your goal. You will get there if you put hard work into it and you will get there if you are persistent. Image


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