Becoming the Fitness Fanatic you want to be:

What is the difference between you and that person who you want to become? That girl (or guy), who’s in better shape, who has definition in her shoulders, and can hold her ground on a squat rack. What about that girl who can hit the treadmill on 6.0 for 30 minutes without stopping? The one who just finished a 5k in 30 minutes? If there is a difference between where you are and the girl (or guy) who you want to be, the first step is to start acting like that person would act.

Act as though you have already accomplished your fitness goal and watch it become a reality way faster. If you were that better version of yourself, 10 pounds lighter and much stronger, what would you do? What decisions would you make? Would you use the weather as an excuse not to work out? Would you stay up late watching TV or would you go to bed early so your body could recover for your next workout?

What decisions are you making today that will influence and impact that future version of yourself? Just something to think about. But if you keep thinking about where you want to be and not doing anything to get there, the fact is your mind will get a great workout but your body will not. So tomorrow, act like your future self with every step you take. Park far away from work and speed walk across the parking lot, get moving at least once an hour, and pack your lunch. Start being the person you want to be and in the process you will indeed become that person.



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