Bohemian Lifestyle

After lunch at Becherplatz, I embraced the attitude of the locals and took it easy, relaxed, and prioritized my health. I went around to all of the “healing” thermal fountains and drank warm water then I paid $ (not much, but still it’s the principal) to go to the bathroom after drinking all that water. I admired all the flowers throughout town – there is even a spot made of flowers by the main intersection in town that they change out regularly to reflect the date!


Next, I biked back (a little faster this time since I knew where I was headed) and returned my bike to the train station with plenty of time to spare before the 5pm deadline. I went to my pension and put on my swimsuit and walked down to the river and found a patch of grass looking up towards the castle to lay out in the sun and read on my Nook. Then I watched the clouds rolling through the sky. When the sun started to go down, I went back to the pension and cooked some basic rice dish for dinner then headed to the St. Florian brewery for a beer to wash it all down.


When I got back to the pension I read some more and made a list of things I wanted to do in Prague. This time I stayed close to the city center so I could check out more of the nightlife. In summer 2012, I stayed in a wonderful hotel in the outskirts, but since the metro doesn’t run late at night, I wasn’t able to see some of the well-known Prague hotspots. Since it was my second time visiting the city, I had a good idea of some places I wanted to visit that I had missed the last time.


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