No Sleep all Play

With T minus 1 day left until my departing plane left for a brief layover in Helsinki, then a flight back over the Atlantic, I had no time to waste on my last day in Prague. Unfortunately, the day was overcast and icky so I ended up sleeping in a bit since it was so dark outside. When I got up, I walked back up the hill on the castle side to visit The National Gallery in Prague’s exhibit entitled “Baroque in Bohemia”. With big name artists like Rembrandt, Tintoretto, Goya, Van Dyck, El Greco and Tieplolo, on display, this exhibit was definitely worth a gander. And while all of these paintings were fantastic, I also thoroughly enjoyed the paintings on the ceilings of the old palace building. The whole exhibit was pleasing to the eyes and much better than being trapped in the drizzle outside.

For lunch, I stopped at Bohemia Bagel and enjoyed one of their delicious bagel sandwiches. When the rain died down, I spent some time wandering around the city and did some shopping. I found a store called Manufaktura, which I instantly fell in love with because they sell primarily all natural products. I bought a refreshing mint gel for tired legs (necessary) and some beer scented lotion (fun!). I am almost out of my Manufakture products, and seriously considering ordering some from their online store, I absolutely loved them! No wonder why Trip Advisor ranks the store as the #2 shopping spot in Prague. I also stopped by the Franz Kafka bookstore, which was right by my apartment, but I didn’t enter the museum exhibit because regrettably, I don’t know much about Kafka. However, before visiting Prague again, I am determined to learn more about him and why on earth the fountain below is at the main entrance to the museum about his life’s works!

For dinner, I met my friend for some local Czech food (sausage, dumplings, soup) & beer then we headed off to a bar called The Pub. The Pub is a unique bar concept created by Pilsner. Each table has it’s own tap and each person sitting at the table has their own code to access the tap. A huge sports screen records how much beer is being consumed at each table on location and throughout the Pub’s other locations in Prague. The Pub is so popular that it is spreading to neighboring countries as well including Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Romania. We quickly made new friends since there were no empty tables, we sat with some other backpackers and enjoyed the experience.

After dinner and before making our way to one of Prague’s craziest techno underground clubs, we stopped for another serving of Absinthe ice cream at the Absintherie by the main square. Seriously, you have to go and you will understand. Chapeau Rouge was where we ended for our nightlife experience of choice. No air conditioning meant conditions were quite warm, but just experiencing the techno pop DJ and international scene was worth it. Plus the drinks were cold and refreshing. Prague is a big city, and like Madrid, has many large bars. This bar has 3 different levels with 3 different feels, however, prices here were much more reasonable than in Spain’s capital city. Since the last time I visited Prague, I was not within walking distance of the downtown bar scene, this time felt like a whole other city! Prague is lovely to visit during the day with plenty of attractions to wear even the most seasoned travelers out; however if you save up your energy to check out the nightlife scene, you will be equally rewarded by Central Europe’s own city that never sleeps.



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