Your Energy is a Renewable Resource

“I’m so tired”, “”I’m exhausted”, “I just want to sleep”. 

We hear these phrases everyday. Sometimes we say them ourselves and sometimes we listen to others say them.

I am convinced more and more that being overwhelmed, stressed out, and constantly sleep deprived is an “in” thing right now in our culture. When someone asks how are you? It so is not chic so say “I am well rested and I feel great!”

Stop. The. Exhaustion.

The truth is when we are chronically exhausted, we often bring this never ending state of fatigue on ourselves by loading our schedules to the brim and leaving no margin. We stay up late working or watching TV then get less sleep than we need. We try to cram too much into our days and wonder why we need four cups of coffee to make it through the day.

I am equally guilty! I do these things sometimes too and I hate it!

It’s important to sometimes step back and remember that your energy level is a renewable resource which can be refreshed and restored. By doing things you enjoy and things that make you happy, you can bring joy and relieve stress in your life. Even if it’s just reading or meditating for 10 minutes per day. By exercising and moving your body more frequently, you can develop greater strength and endurance to carry you through the rest of the tasks in your life. By practicing deep breathing, you can bring life into your lungs and open up the tightness in your chest. By staying hydrated and drinking lots of water, you can prevent fatigue and anxiety causes by even mild dehydration.

Most importantly, by sleeping 7 to 9 hours per night, you can give your body adequate time to recover from your day and refuel for tomorrow.

Many people I know place sleep as a last priority; something to get done only once everything else is done.

But I would suggest that we should prioritize sleep as a top priority; something that must be done in order for us to be productive and lead full lives.

Do you feel more productive when you are well rested? Or do you argue that less sleep is for you? Talk back to me with your ideas for restoring energy in the comment section below.

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