Park Bench Party

The last of the nice weather days are amongst us… or are they? There’s simply no way to know in the south… but this park bench circuit can be completed any time of year, it will raise your body temperature enough to combat any cold temps.

The only equipment you need is a bench sturdy enough to step up on. Then bring some energy because you’ll need it!

Start your workout with dynamic stretching & a cardio warm up… Then head over to the bench for this 10 minute non-stop action circuit.

Move #1: squat pulses – tap your butt to the bench without sitting down, then lift it up 6 inches before tapping right back down again. They key is to stay down as low as you can in your squat and sink back through your heels to tap your seat. 1 minute of taps with have your legs starting to fire.

Squat Taps | OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMove #2: single leg offset lunges- to keep that fire growing, place one foot back on top of the other bench, and the other on the ground far enough away from the bench to lunge down to a 90 degree angle with your knee, dropping your front thigh parallel to the ground. Complete 1 minute of nonstop lunges per leg. Lunges | OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Move #3: offset side lunges – similar to regular offset lunges, but slightly more advanced move. This one is optional for everyone with knee issues since it is super important for your standing knee to remain directly over the top of your ankle when you lunge. Place all of your weight into your grounded leg, and rest the other leg on top of the bench. Sink as low as you can, pushing your hips back behind you. Complete 1 minute of side lunges per leg.

Move #4: step ups – last one for the legs, again isolating the right then the left side. One foot starts up on the bench, push off from the top of the bench to bring your other knee up and forward. lifting it as high as you can towards your hips in the front. 1 minute per side, go fast!

Step Ups
Move #5: pushups – time to put the pressure in your arms and in your abs. Drop your chest to the top of the bench and push back away. To make it tougher stay at the bottom half of the move and pulse up six inches and back down like you did for your squat pulses. Do as many pushups as you can in 1 minute, really move it for speed!

Move #6: triceps dips – say goodbye to lunch lady arms when you take your dips to the bench. Your glutes are elevated high off the floor, so if you usually cut it short on a step or on the ground, no more. Get a full range of motion by dropping your elbows to 90 degree angles, elbows point back behind you. You’re going for the full range and control for 1 minute. Tricep Dips | OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And bam! Just like that you’ve complete 10 minutes of a challenging park bench based circuit which will elevate your heart rate and tone & sculpt your legs & arms. If you’d like more of a challenge, complete 2 circuits, modify your range of motion to hold longer in the most challenging part of the move, or even bring some weights to hold as you move through the legs moves!

Give this park bench workout a try the next time you are at the playground with your kids or if you just need to change up your workout routine! Always doing something different will help you to progress in your fitness journey. Let me know if you have any other park bench workout moves you love that I missed? See you at the park!




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