Finding Balance: through fitness, in life

Balance in fitness is crucial to achieving a full range of motion for all exercises; from squats to lunges to pushups to planks.

Balance in life is crucial to high performance, multi tasking, and personal growth.

Balance in fitness and in life is achieved by listening to your body and identifying what adjustments need to be made for it to perform as you are demanding. In fitness, that may mean a slight shift of your weight through your heel instead of your toe. In life, that may mean a shifting of your priorities and a delegation of your time in line with your goals. As the new year approaches, now is the perfect time to check in on your balance in your fitness and in your life. Here are just a few simple moves you can utilize to improve your fitness balance and in doing so, improve your life balance by learning how to focus your mind and block out all distractions.

One tip for balance is to focus so intensely on something that isn’t moving in order to stabilize your body and identify any adjustments necessary which are causing instability. You can use this tip wherever you choose to practice achieving balance. Additionally, you may find it helpful to remove your shoes when practicing balance in order to connect with the ground through each of your toes, the heel, and the ball of the foot.

Pose #1 – tree pose… when you begin practicing tree, keep your hands pressed together in prayer close to your heart, and only move your balancing foot to the ankle of the standing foot. As your balance improves, raise your hands over your head and move your balancing foot higher up above your knee on the standing leg.

Tree Pose  | OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tree Pose 2 | OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPose # 2 – ankle to knee single leg squat… begin by taking your ankle and crossing it to your opposite standing knee, then slowly sink down as low as you can into your standing leg to achieve greater challenge. If this is too tough, first try using your hands to hold your ankle to your opposite knee and balance there.

Pose #3 – single leg extensions… begin by bending your knee, then straightening it as high as possible to a slight diagonal. Try to keep your spine stacked, do not lean away from the lifted leg. Bend and extend the knee several times, then hold the leg at a 45 degree angle out to the side for as long as possible, activating your core muscles to remain balanced.

Single Leg Extension | OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASingle Leg Extension 2 | OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Try these 3 basic balance exercises to get started! Next week I will share another post with some more advanced balance challenges to up your challenge. Make sure to follow my blog in order to get the next post update as soon as it is released!

Balance is a constant journey, and must be practiced daily if you are serious about improvement. Take 5 minutes each day to quiet your mind, challenge your balance, and train your body to respond.


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