Torro Verde Ziplining in the Central Mountains of Puerto Rico

Torroverde zip lining is located in the center of Puerto Rico, high up in the mountains and far away from any large city. The countryside out there is beautiful, lush green trees and other bushes and plants native to Puerto Rico create a landscape deep with multiple hues of green. Upon arriving, we checked in and were given a time to report back to begin the zip lining adventure.  While waiting, we headed upstairs to the restaurant, which surprisingly was very good. I was expecting a super touristy, somewhat mediocre quality cafeteria, but instead it was a sit down restaurant with a great chef! I really enjoyed the fresh salad and the alcapurrias – plantain and yautia rolls stuffed with ground beef. Dessert was an amazing carrot cake to top it all off.

carrot cake
The way Torroverde works is that you begin at the very top, then gradually make your way down 8 different zip lines to get to the bottom of the small mountain. The last zip line is La Bestia during which you are suspended like superman, flying like a bird with your back to the sky and your front towards the trees and river flying past below. There is a bit of hiking involved as well, when you must make your way between each of the zip lines.

Of the 8 zip lines, some were definitely more thrilling than others. Some went fast, some went slow and as we went along, I learned how to lean my body to spin around and speed up or slow down. What a cool perspective you can get from zip lining! I loved soaring above the trees and riding with the wind. Double hooks on the line meant I wasn’t at all nervous or afraid. A few times we actually had to pull ourselves the last 20 feet or so to the end of the zip line because the stops were meant for heavier riders. I have been zip lining before, but I have never been to such a large place with so many lines and such gorgeous views of the valley, trees, and river below. Weather was not on our side for the La Bestia ride though; it began raining while we were waiting in line.

central mts
getting ready
After waiting in line about 30 minutes, the mile long ride took less than a minute and the rain kind of hurt as we were moving fast through the air. It couldn’t completely obscure the thrill of being so high up above the tree line though. That was definitely a time when I wished I owned a Go Pro camera to capture the view! Torroverde is well worth the drive to the center of the island and makes a great day trip for adventurous kids of all ages. After driving back to the city, we went down to the chic Laguana del Condado in San Juan to try to go stand up paddle boarding, but it was too late in the day to rent the boards. We decided to come back the next morning before my flight back home.

We went back to the apartment and got ready to go out downtown. Since we had been away most nights of the week kayaking the glowing water in the bioluminescent bay in Fajardo, staying at the resort on the island of Culebra, and trying to get some rest in between each physically demanding day, we had only visited downtown San Juan at night once on the night I first arrived. It was a Saturday, and I was ready to see what downtown San Juan nightlife was all about! Pictures and the scoop in my next post. Make sure you are following my blog to get updates on the rest of my Puerto Rico trip… Until next time!

torro verde


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