Surround Yourself with Motivating Move it Triggers

Chances are high that you will spend more time thinking about the information and things you surround yourself with than things which are off your radar and you never see. That’s why one of the oldest workout tips that is still true is to pack up your workout clothes and gym bag the night before to make sure you get to the gym the next day. Just seeing those clothes laid out on the floor and ready to go increases the likelihood of you actually going. This is called a mental trigger; those clothes already laid out act as your trigger to get to the gym.

Luckily for everyone from the reluctant exerciser to the full fledged fitness enthusiast, it is easy to make simple choices to surround ourselves with positive fitness triggers. In this post, I will share some of my favorite triggers & provide ideas for you to develop some of your own!

1) Facebook: duhh, right?! Everyone is on Facebook, and some of us spend a LOT of time on there! So every time you log in, make sure that you are going to see something which motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle. Like and follow magazines like Self, Shape, Women’s Fitness, Runners World and companies like Quest Nutrition, Conscious Box, or Suja Juice.

You want to see positive messages in your news feed that will get you pumped up to try a new healthy recipe or a new workout routine, so find companies and magazines who produce content that resonates with you. You can also check out my Training Tidbits group on Facebook, where I regularly share content which I have found inspiring. Ask to join the group by clicking here. 

2) Fitness based magazines in print – local or national: Having these magazines laying around the house should motivate you to learn more about fitness and health and then act on it! Subscribe to magazines whose online content you enjoy (I love my subscription to Cooking Light!) Most nationally printed magazine will cost you only $1 – $3 per issue, what a steal for all of that great printed content to display on your coffee table!

In my current hometown of Lafayette there are 2 great health focused magazines – One is the new Active Acadiana (I may be a bit biased because I work for them, but seriously follow the hyperlink and check out the great content!) and the other is Love How You Feel Acadiana. Both magazines provide nutrition tips and motivation and ideas to work out.

3) Get cute gym clothes – don’t stop reading, guys. For you, remove the word cute and insert super comfortable… You’ve got to feel GOOD when going to the gym so make sure you’ve got the warddrobe to do so. Wear whatever makes you feel the best. Make sure it’s not too tight, it’s not itchy, and you can move any which way you like.

Purchasing new clothes on sale from sites like always motivates me to get into the gym! There’s just something about the feel of new clothes which gives me an extra push for those long days.

4) Write down your fitness goals and put them someplace you can see. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m always talking about envisioning where you want to go and making a plan to get there. Putting your goals in a place you’ll see daily keeps you accountable to work towards achieving those goals. If you write down that your goal is to lose 10 pounds by April 10 and you see it every day, your small choices will start to reflect the focus you have on that goal. You might turn down a cookie or make yourself do a workout even when you’re not feeling like it. Those small choices will add up to your success and achievement of the larger goal.

I hope these 4 tips will send you on the right path towards surrounding yourself with motivating move it triggers. Anything that inspires you to get up and get fit is a worthy trigger to place in a site you’ll frequently see. Everyone is motivated differently and I know that many of you spend a lot of time on Youtube… so in my next post I will be discussing some great channels to check out for fitness motivation on Youtube! Make sure to subscribe to my training tidbits for weekly updates from me in your inbox.

And if you’re interested in a bit of personal accountability, a coach to challenge you and hold you to your plan, check out my flier below for health coaching services here in Lafayette!

Until next time, practice your planks and subscribe to some magazines for me! 

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