Drinks on a Saturday Night & Exploring Mud Island Park

After experiencing the marching of the ducks at the Peabody Hotel, we walked around the corner to the Flying Saucer for some beer tasting flights. The Flying Sauce is a bar chain famous across many medium to large size cities in the South. They have hundreds of beer options to choose from, so we of course decided on flights so we could each try four. We also split a German appetizer plate with some delicious bratwurst and spicy mustard. After our appetizer, we began thinking of where we wanted to go for our Saturday night dinner. Downtown was getting fairly crowded, and we had seen so many more unique, not touristy, not BBQ or fried chicken restaurants in Midtown so we decided to head back there.

2 joey

We ended up having Mexican food and margaritas at iChiwawa, a cute eclectic spot right on Madison Avenue in Midtown. The atmosphere was fun and the food was decent for “American Mexican” but most certainly not authentic Mexican. From glancing at the menu and the plates of other diners around us I was able to figure that out before ordering, so I was pretty happy with the Chiwawa salad I ordered served with corn, black beans, pico de gallo, chile peppers, and cheese over a bed of romaine lettuce.


We drove back to Mud Island and took Deuce to the large park along the levee as the sun was setting. Other dogs were everywhere along with people walking, cycling, and just hanging out in lawn chairs and on picnic benches enjoying a late summer sunset. Staying on Mud Island during your visit to Memphis is not only safe and centrally located, but also for families with kids or dogs who need some space to go outside and run around!


On Sunday morning, Joey and I borrowed the bicycles of our airbnb host to ride over to Cafe Eclectic which is on the island along the main string of apartments. We enjoyed breakfast sandwiches and iced coffee to energize us for the day.Then we pedaled down to the end of the island to visit Mud Island Park which is accessible via monorail from downtown Memphis as well, just to demonstrate how close Mud Island is to the rest of the town. The main attraction of the park is an exact scale model of the Lower Mississippi River flowing from Cairo, Illinois 954 miles south to the Gulf of Mexico.


This model is huge! We tried to imagine who on earth came up with the idea to build it! But we enjoyed walking along the 5 city blocks the model occupies and looking at the towns along the way. The engineers behind the execution of the model did a great job of getting the water to flow all the way down to the large pond which represents the Gulf of Mexico. Visitors to the park are also rewarded with a unique view of the Memphis skyline set back from a little sliver of the Mississippi which cuts between the peninsula of the park and the city.

memphis 2

Just from an hour and a half of cycling and walking in the heat we were feeling sweaty so we decided to shower off before heading to check out one of the cities other major art museums, the Brooks Museum of Art. More on that in my next post… And please if you have any insight about the arts scene in Memphis, please share in the comments! We would love to add some more galleries and museums to our agenda for our return trip.


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