How to Become a Weekend Exerciser

For many of us, squeezing 3 workouts into the work week is quite a challenge! Between work, family, and social responsibilities we are sometimes hard pressed to have enough time to invest in our health. Fortunately there are 2 extra days of the week than many gym goers seem to often forget about – Saturday & Sunday! While gym usage numbers typically spike on Saturday morning, the place is usually dead by Saturday afternoon and for most of the day on Sunday. Why not take advantage of these 2 extra days to get in an extra workout or make up for one you might have missed during the week?

If you want to see results from working out, you need to be exercising a minimum of 3 times per week. Optimally, you should be working up a sweat 5 days out of every 7. But not every sweat session needs to incorporate equipment at the gym or zoning out in front of the TV on the treadmill. Instead, use your weekend workouts to break out of your routine and avoid running into a fitness plateaus. Plateaus often happen for these reasons 1) you are consistently doing the exact same exercises and your body adapts, gets used to them, and no longer continues to improve or 2) you get bored or burnt out. When a plateau happens your motivation starts to tank, so using the weekend  to try a new workout could pay off big returns in the long run.

Cycling on the weekend!
Cycling on the weekend!

During the week you may be so time crunched that you would never consider trying out a new routine. You may have 20 or 30 more minutes than usual to spare on the weekend, so try spending them trying something new! If you’ve never done a kettlebell workout, print one out or watch a video then go practice at the gym. If you’ve never worked out at home or outdoors, see my blog or others like it for some great ideas on how to get an effective workout outside of a gym setting. If you usually work out early mornings or late nights when there is no daylight, consider taking your cardio outside for a walk, run, or bike ride. If you have kids, bring them along with you to the park where you can do step ups on the bench, pull ups on the monkey bars, and elevated push ups with the various levels on the jungle gym.

There is no limit to new ways of exercise you can try. I have exercised my whole life and worked in the fitness industry for 6 years and there are still new things I am experimenting with all the time. New videos pop up regularly on free Youtube channels, new pieces of workout equipment go on sale at stores like Academy, and new blog posts written by qualified trainers appear on a daily basis. You don’t have to take my word on it, do a quick Google search for “change up my workout” or “new exercise routine” and you’ll find a bunch of info at your fingertips!

Weekends are also when 5ks, 10ks, and longer race distances are held. A 5k can be an enjoyable and active social experience. Grab a friend and sign up for one in your area. You can walk and chat or run and chat at the finish line. Many of these races even benefit local charities. If you are looking for some in your area, use the search on or if you live in Lafayette, check out for a listing of local races in the area.

Hiking with my dog on the weekend!
Hiking with my dog on the weekend!

Stumped on what workout to try this weekend? Send me a message or leave me a comment below describing what exercises you enjoy and what your typical routine involves. I’ll message you back with something different you might enjoy! Now you have no excuses… What will you try this weekend?


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