La Baita Bar

La Baita Bar sits unassumingly at the corner of buildings surrounding the Triton Fountain next to a restaurant called Conti de Gallucio at Vio Vittorio Veneto 2. The easiest way to find it is just by walking to the Triton Fountain then finding the large green and yellow sign outside.

la baita 1


The bar seems to offer a lot of things but by far the reason to come here is for their gelato. If you haven’t had lunch or dinner yet try ordering a mozzarella and tomato fresh pressed panini from the bar. You can also get a coffee or a cocktail, depending on the time of day.

la baita 4

This is the type of place where you get your food and drinks and then take them to the cash register stand to pay. There aren’t many places to sit, so if you are just getting a gelato it’s fun to find a seat near the Triton Fountain and people watch on the square.

triton fountain

Gelato here is no frills but delicious. It’s reasonably priced and full of flavor. Pistacchio is my number one choice, followed closely by melon. Fortunately, they let you mix and match if you can’t make up your mind.

la baita 5

You won’t find any crazy creative flavors or artificial fluffy peaks of gelato here. You will find the kind of gelato you can pop in and grab everyday after work. When I stayed at a hostel nearby for the Rome Marathon, I did pop in almost every day for a week. La Baita Bar is simply the best gelato in the area for the best price.

la baita 3



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