Why Return to Rome?

An opportunity to visit Rome for the summer presented itself via my boyfriend failing a class in law school. Sometimes, it is best to take your time graduating. Especially if it involves 3 credit hours studying international art law in one of the world’s greatest cities for art and culture. Having visited Rome 3 times before, I immediately advocated on behalf of choosing the Rome option over Copenhagen, Sienna, Paris, and several other fascinating summer school cities. But truly, my heart belongs in Italy and after 2 years away I am more than ready to being planning another trip. And this time I have a mission as well.

The purpose of this site is to expose the budget friendly side of Rome that many travelers overlook. Whether you are really on a budget or you simply want to experience more of the local side of the city I will help you do that. Because I can promise you that the majority of Roman citizens don’t spend extravagant amounts of Euros on eating at five star restaurants every night. Many tourists go to Rome and spend up to $400 per day easily. They shell out close to $200 for a decent hotel room, another $100 for food, and another $100 on sightseeing tickets. And that’s being modest. Also, not including the kids. Because of the high price of admission to many of Rome’s historical sights and museums, the high prices on hotels (especially in summer), and the high price of food in tourist restaurants, many budget travelers shy away from this incredible city.

This site will show you that visiting Rome can be done on even the tightest of budgets. In order to get a truly Roman experience, you need to visit many sections of the city where ancient ruins and elaborately decorated churches hide next to mom and pop pizzerias. You can see some of the most incredible sights for free and stay under a budget of $50 a day if you know how. This summer my mission is to expose a different side of the city and reveal how it can be enjoyed by budget travelers. Keeping with the budget friendly focus, I will focus on transportation via two feet. This will also help you burn off the gelato you’ll be purchasing using your extra cash. I will share many of my favorite sight seeing walks in Rome as well as some routes which can be done via bike. I hope you enjoy following along and are inspired to take a trip to one of my favorite cities in the world!

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