Babington’s Tea Rooms

A full fledged trip to Babington’s can turn out to be quite the splurge for the budget traveler. However, if you simply stop in for a cup of tea you won’t break the bank. The appeal of Babington’s is that it is a sort of secret oasis right in one of the most bustling areas of the city, the Spanish steps. The Spanish steps are always packed with people no matter when you visit. The Steps, the church at the top, and Bernini’s boat fountain are absolutely fantastic and a must see but the amount of people swarming like ants can be overwhelming.

piazza spagna

What to do?

Make a refreshing refuel stop at Babington’s, but do be careful, if you are going during summer or holidays when it may be excessively busy it is best to make a reservation. Also make sure you have your self control in check because the pastries, chocolates, and tea blends to bring home are all delectable.

Just the tea itself, served with a carafe, cream, sugar, honey, and whatever else you may like, will run you 9 or 10 Euros. To add some mignon cakes to your tea expect to spend 16 Euros. Keep in mind that this is not the type of place where you sip your tea quickly and then get on with your sightseeing, rather it is an experience of its own.

babingtonsBoth times I have been to Babington’s I lingered over tea and cakes for almost two hours, people watching, enjoying the smells in the cafe, and just daydreaming. The cafe is a whimsical place where it is okay to relax and just be. Anyone who enjoys a good afternoon tea will simply fall in love with the Babington’s experience – go & experience for yourself!

babingtons 2


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