The Memphis Zoo & Boscos Brewery

The Memphis Zoo makes for a fun outing for visitors to the city of all ages. At first, Joey put up a protest about going, but I really wanted to go check out one of the city’s top attractions so we ended up visiting on our last day. By the end, he was glad we did! There are all sorts of animals and it is possible to get up close to many of them. It was a warm day, but plenty of shade and sprinkler systems were scattered throughout the park.

For this post, I decided to show rather than write about the many animals we spent some time with. Here are some great shots I captured on my Olympus:

zoo 1 zoo 2 zoo 3

zoo 4 zoo 5 zoo 6 zoo 7 zoo 8zoo 9 zoo 10 zoo 11

After hanging out with these animals at the Memphis Zoo for almost 3 hours, Joey and I headed to Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Company for lunch and beers before we left town. Boscos features a wide assortment of in house craft beers, so the obvious thing to do was order two tasting flights so we could sample them all. Our sandwiches and salads were good as well, earning Boscos a spot on the must see in Memphis list because of it’s local charm and local bites and booze. Visit for lunch and order the tasting flight!

zoo 12

This blog post concludes the recounting of our summer trip to Memphis. Next up on the blog I will be sharing about my long weekend in San Francisco!


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