Trastevere: L’Orange

Eating dinner at L’Orange is a bit like eating dinner at the house of some very trendy grandparents. Wine bottles line the walls on both sides of the dining area along with books about Italian wine and gastronomy. Two older gentlemen in their 70s own and run the restaurant. Be prepared to wait for your food, as in any good Italian establishment! This is the kind of place where you could easily wait and hour and a half after ordering your food before you receive your food. Luckily, we arrived right at 8pm when the restaurant opened, so we had no problem to get a table and we only had to wait about an hour to receive our food.

We actually happened upon L’Orange because it was raining. We originally had other plans but when it started to rain we pulled up TripAdvisor to find the best restaurants near our apartment. TripAdvisor was not short of reviews on this place, it even ranks #243 out of 8,665 restaurants in Rome. We were a bit surprised to find these reviews because we had walked past L’Orange several times already and it did not look like anything special. But we were so excited that we went! We found a spot 5 minutes walking distance of our apartment where we can order excellent pasta, beef, and a half liter of wine, bread, and water for 40 euros! That is a serious steal compared to the super touristy prices found in the Trastevere area near the river.

The house red wine was smooth and did not taste like cheap table wine at all, highly recommended. For the first course, I ordered the Orecchiette pasta with pesto, pine nuts, and cheese. The pasta tasted fresh and the pesto was the perfect accompaniment. Joey ordered penne arrabiata, penne noodles with peppers and tomatoes. I stole several bites full of peppers, there was just the smallest hint of spice to the dish that made it so good.



For the second course, we both ordered Roman beef slices topped with walnuts and served over grilled onions and cabbage. This dish was the perfect protein packed option to balance out the carb overload of the pasta. Nothing super fancy, just pure, fresh meat. The beef went perfect with the red wine. I was even contemplating ordering a dessert, but by this time in the evening I was already pretty full and it was nearing 10pm, so we got our check and left. Next time I will have to try one of the desserts!



Affordability: L’Orange gets a “Mid-range” rating for being medium priced food perfect for a date or with your family.

Food Quality: L’Orange gets 5out of 5  stars for being high quality and tasty.

Time Investment: L’Orange ranks as a medium to long wait establishment. I would not recommend going here if you are hungry and need food right away, as you may have to wait at least an hour before getting your first dish.


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