Anyone who lives or visits Rome is prone to developing a gelato obsession. Perhaps this is because excellent quality gelato is available in every neighborhood and makes an inexpensive yet satifsying afternoon pick me up. Or perhaps once you begin enjoying gelato more than ice cream you can not simply stop. I think a requirement of living in Rome is enjoying gelato at least 3 times a week. I feel as though I have an obligation to try as many of the best rated places as possible, I think it counts as a sort of research.

Consistently ranking at the top of gelato places in the Eternal City is Giolitti, nearby to the Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. The first time I passed by Giolitti I did not stop in, as the line was almost as long as a city block. If you are not in the mood to deal with aggressive people and elbow your way to the counter, do not bother stopping in to Giolitti. But if you feel seriously enough about your gelato to fight for it, then first go to the cashier and pay for the size you want, then be aggressive in getting the attention of one of the several attendants at the gelato counter. You will need to hand them your receipt in order to get your gelato and tell them which (one or several) of the flavors you would like.giloitti 2

I choose tiramasu and stracciatella. Straciatella is a great flavor to get when you are trying to really judge the quality of a gelato, because you can really taste how creamy the gelato is. The verdict? I think a visit to Giolitti is worth the hastle. Both flavors were delectable, and I could most certainly taste the creaminess in my straciatella. I could also get a taste of the alcohol used in the tiramasu. The quality and complexity of these flavors makes me want to return to try others! Updates about subsequent flavors are sure to follow.

giolitti 1

Affordability: Gioliti’s pricing is in line with most other gelato shops, you will pay around 2.60 Euro for a small. No complaints here!

Food Quality: Giolitti gets 5 out of 5  stars for being delicious, creamy, smooth perfection.

Time Investment: Giolitti ranks as a long wait gelato establishment. This is because you must first wait in line to pay, then make your way to the front of the counter… could take a while.


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