Jewish Ghetto: Kuriya

On a Friday night around 8pm, most restaurants in the Jewish Ghetto area are completely packed. It might be difficult to get a table if you arrive after 8 without a reservation. However, there is a lovely Sushi place situated just at the edge of the Ghetto near Tram #8 which was not at all crowded when my friend Franziska and I arrived there on a Friday evening around 8:15pm. Neither one of us knew anything about the restaurant or had read any reviews at all, we only went there because our other option was closed. Not only did the food turn out to be outstanding and priced reasonably, the service was also the best I have experienced in Rome so far!

Shortly after sitting down, our attentive waitress brought us moist towelettes to rinse our hands with and immediately took our drink order. In addition to the usual wine, beer, and sake, there was also a few different types of teas to choose from. We ordered a green tea which went perfectly with our food. As an appetizer, I ordered the “Spring bags”, which I assumed would mean spring rolls but which turned out to actually be bags. Cute, tiny, crunchy bags stuffed with steamed veggies which melted in your mouth. I also tried some of Franziska’s edamame and seaweed salad, both of which were delicious.

Spring "bags" and edamame
Spring “bags” and edamame

For the main course, I picked the “California Dream”.  I had no idea what kind of sushi it was when I ordered but I decided to go for it because the combination of salmon, sea bass, and avocado just sounded so good. There were about 8 pieces included and that was plenty enough to fill me up! The fish served as the external layer of the roll and tasted quite fresh. The menu at Kuriya is the size of a small book, I don’t think you could eat your way through the over 100 items in a month even if you went every single day. My bill came out to be around 20 Euros for a tea, an appetizer, and the “California Dream”, which was the perfect sized meal. Sometimes after several nights of pizza and pasta, this kind of restaurant is the perfect way to change it up.


California Dream
California Dream

Affordability: Kuriya is a “medium” priced establishment for a sit down dinner with waiter service.

Food Quality: Kuriya gets 4 out of 5  stars for having tasty, flavorful dishes.

Time Investment: Kuriya is a short wait for a sit down establishment. Our dishes were made and served promptly, much faster than most other restaurants in the area.


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