Osteria La Gensola

Osteria la Gensola was highly recommended by my book “Rome in Detail”, so we decided to give it a shot on a Monday night after eating some light appetizers at a reception. So when we arrived we were not starving and that was a good thing, as Gensola was at the high end of our budget price range. Joey and I have a commitment to not go over 60 Euros for any meal, no matter how many good reviews it gets or the location. There are no exceptions, maximum of 30 Euros per person, because we are sticking to our budget.

gensola wine

That being said, however, Gensola is the kind of place which made us really want to break our budget. The service was fantastic and friendly and every single dish we say coming out of the kitchen looked and smelled delicious. We choose a bottle of red Napolese wine to share, then I ordered a linguine with shrimp and Joey opted for a beef dish sprinkled with flavorful cheese on top. Both dishes were decent sized portions and we shared in order to create a complete meal with a carbs and protein. Both dishes were simple yet delicious and both I would not hesitate to recommend or order again.

gensola 2 gensola 1

After enjoying every last bite our our pasta and beef, we ordered a cassata cheesecake for dessert. The cheesecake was much lighter than typical American cheesecake but had so much more flavor. I might return just to order the cheesecake again because it was one of the best desserts I have had in Rome.

gensola cheese cake

Affordability: La Gensola is a “high” priced establishment for budget travelers going to a sit down dinner with a great ambience and good service.

Food Quality: La Gensola gets 5 out of 5  stars for amazing, flavorful dishes with large portions.

Time Investment: La Gensola is a medium wait for a sit down establishment. We only had to wait about thirty minutes from when we ordered to when we received our dishes.


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