Gelateria del Teatro

Do not go to Gelateria del Teatro if you are just wanting a simple flavor like chocolate or cream. That would just be a waste of your time because this gelateria offers amazing, creative combinations such as lemon rosemary and raspberry and sage. I tried both of these as well as sampled some of the unique flavors Joey ordered. When I asked him what he got, he said he forget because there were more than 30 choices of unique flavors so he just pointed to 2 that looked good. Whatever they were, they were also delicious!


In the window of the gelateria on Via dei Coronari there are fresh fruits and a variety of nuts. This gelateria is proud that they make each flavor with fresh ingredients from scratch. You can taste the freshness and the complexity of each creation. So, if you are looking for gelato which is unique and out of the ordinary, make a trip to Gelateria del Teatro. It is conveniently located about a 5 minute walk from Piazza Navona on one of the most beautiful streets in Rome, the Via dei Coronari. Sit outside at the small tables in the alleyway to get away from the crowds in the Piazza and enjoy some of the most interesting flavors of gelato you can find in Rome!

gelateria 2gelateria 3

Affordability: Gelateria del Teatro is slightly more pricey than most other gelato shops, you will pay around 3.50 Euro for a small. You are probably paying more for the high quality fresh ingredients.

Food Quality: Gelateria del Teatro gets 5 out of 5  stars for having unique and flavorful combinations.

Time Investment: Gelateria del Teatro can be a short or medium wait establishment, depending on how many other people are there. But the ordering process is simple, you order and pay at the counter.


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