Scuderie del Quirinale; Matisse Arabesque

My friend Franziska and I visited the Scuderie del Quirinale on the occasion of the Matisse Arabesque exhibit. The Scuderie features temporary exhibits of all sorts of high caliber artists. We visited on the 21st of June, which just so happened to be the last day of the exhibit. Never a good idea to visit a temporary exhibit on the last day, but we didn’t realize when we decided to go that it was the last day. We soon found out because it was packed! However, the exhibit was well curated to show the transitions in Matisse’s career from a young artist to a developed professional. A fascinating piece of Matisse’s career was his worldwide travels which caused him to adapt Oriental prints and Moroccan patterns into his colorful artwork.matisse 1

I like Matisse’s style because it includes lots of color, light, and texture. Most of his paintings have happy feelings attached to them, such as his sketch of goldfish in a bowl on the table. I also really liked one of the paintings where he used a variety of different colors and patterns to convey a window half covered with drapes with a view of the sea beyond. In addition to getting to see a great exhibit with more than 90 works by Matisse, we were also treated to a fantastic view of the city from the Quirinale Hill.

matisse 2

I will definitely return to the Scuderie for their next temporary exhibit at the end of July, as I was impressed by their organization and commentary for the Matisse exhibit. Each picture in the Matisse exhibit was accompanied by a description and there was plenty of commentary throughout to inform visitors about the history and background of the artist’s career. For an interesting side trip away from the classical and ancient art museums of Rome, consider a visit to a temporary exhibit at the Scuderie del Quirinale.


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