Trastevere: The Burger Factory

You can not eat only Italian food when you live in Italy for the long term. Although I dearly love Italian food, I also love to change it up. The Burger Factory was definitely a change up. But before you begin to think that we were missing American food and wanted a taste of home, let me give you a warning: these are NOT American burgers. They do not look like, taste like, or smell like American beef burgers. They are fresh, Italian beef burgers cooked to order. And the toppings are nothing like the American version, but much more tasty, in my opinion.

burger factory 2

I ordered the Chuck burger, which comes topped with mozzarella di buffala (my favorite!), grilled mushrooms, and speck (a type of ham). This delicious creation was served medium on a tasty bun with a side of french fries which were simply fresh slices of potatoes lightly fried. The Burger Factory also has an excellent beer selection and I opted for a Premium Pilsner from the Czech Republic to round out my meal. Joey’s burger with zucchini, tomatoes, and mozzarella di bufala was equally delicious.

burger factory 1

I rounded out the experience by ordering a basic tiramisu for dessert, which was served without a crust, in a glass. I find I typically prefer tiramisu served in a glass, as it is lighter than regular tiramisu. Our waiter did not speak much English, but was patient with our attempts at ordering in Italian. The Burger Factory was a surprising find way outside of the regular tourist loop. In fact, all of the other diners in the restaurant were speaking Italian, not English. If you want to try a true Italian hamburger, here’s your spot to find what the Burger Factory claims to be “the best burger in Rome”. I’m not arguing.

burger factory 3

Affordability: Burger Factory has fair prices for their quality burgers, about 14 Euros will get you a 220 gram burger and fresh cut fries.

Food Quality: Burger Factory gets 5 out of 5  stars for having amazing burgers with fantastic topping combos.

Time Investment: Burger Factory is a medium time wait, about 30 minutes to prepare our medium cooked burgers, but we enjoyed our beers while waiting.


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