Trastevere: Luppulo Station

My affinity for craft beer has been extended to include Italian craft selections, thanks to the affordable draft selection at Luppulo Station in Trastevere. Beer is typically pricey in Rome, but at Luppulo, you can purchase a small beer for 2 Euros and a medium size for only 4 Euros. I have not found prices to beat this anywhere near the city center! And Luppulo is easy to reach from Piazza Venezia via Tram #8. The first night we visited Lupulo, Joey and I sampled several different craft beers from all over Italy. Our bill for 3 beers each came to only 12 Euros. We decided to visit again later in the week to sample the food we had seen while sipping our beers.

luppulo 1

Luppulo offers a diverse food menu which is all based around beer pairings; for every dish the menu recommends what type of beer to pair with the food. We were quite hungry upon arriving to Luppulo for dinner so we opted for several courses. As an appetizer, we ordered slices of green apple layered with celery, carrots, and shrimp. A healthy, refreshing, and light summer combo, it was the perfect way to start the meal.

luppulo 2

As a first course, I ordered the Parecarbonara, which was an amazing combination of penne pasta, a sauce made out of beer, cheese, and bacon. I have had some Carbonara pastas in my time and let me tell you, this was one of the best. I think the beer sauce really made it! Joey ordered the Venere D’Estate which was black rice with calamari and bell peppers, also tasty and delicious.

luppulo 3 luppulo 4

For a second course, I opted for the bacala (one of my go to’s) and Joey ordered the octopus and we promised to share. Both dishes were uniquely prepared. My bacala came with no bones, packed into a square shape of fish with tomato sauce all around whereas the octopus came grilled with a pea puree and roasted beets. I would order either of these dishes again. In fact, even as we finished this meal, Joey was looking to the menu to plan what to order on our next visit.

luppulo 5 luppulo 6

We both enjoyed 2 beers to match with our food selections and for dessert I ordered a Chocolate Stout cake. Just as in the pasta sauce, you could definitely taste the beer in the chocolate cake. I knew it must be good when Joey said he enjoyed it; typically he does not like chocolate! So all in all, Luppulo Station did a fantastic job of providing three quality courses packed with flavors and matched with beer selections on tap. We also enjoyed that they were playing New Orleans jazz music throughout our meal, extra points for that!

luppulo 7

Affordability: Luppulo Station is has medium prices for food for budget travelers, however if you opt for only a first course pasta you will only spend 10 Euros on food. Beer is also the cheapest in the area!

Food Quality: Luppulo Station gets 5 out of 5  stars for the best pasta carbonara and octopus I have had in a while.

Time Investment: Luppulo Station moves fairly quickly for a sit down restaurant. In only about 20 minutes we received our first appetizer and the beer is served quickly, the staff will even bring you a shot sized sample if you request to help you decide.


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