Trastevere: Baylon Cafe

Baylon Cafe is conveniently located in Trastevere about a 15 minute walk from our apartment. It is only about a 5 minute walk from Santa Maria in Trastevere and the main tourist route, but far enough that most people who go there are either locals or students. Baylon is incredibly popular with students because they offer free wi fi and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating where it is possible to work on a laptop or study. I have now made multiple visits to Baylon because of its convenient location near my home, ambience, friendly staff, fair prices, and good food and drinks from breakfast to past dinner.

Joey and I first stumbled upon Baylon when looking for a spot to grab a drink one evening. We started by just ordering a beer since we had seen their beer taps from the street and decided to walk in. But once we saw the cocktail menu, we decided we had to try one of their unique concoctions. Fresh herbs, syrups, and liquors crowd the space behind the bar and make it possible for Baylon to make a wide variety of high quality cocktails.

baylon 2

We enjoyed our cocktails and the friendly bartenders so much we returned to Baylon about a week later for another late night drink around 11pm. After ordering off the menu for our first round of drinks, Joey and I both then asked the bartender to make us some customized creations according to our taste. The bartender, Matteo, did great! Both Joey and I enjoyed the cocktails he made according to our specifications.

baylon 3

In addition to some of the best quality cocktails we have found in the area, Baylon also serves up a quality breakfast. Multiple different types of cornetti (croissants) are on offer, as well as filled donuts, cookies, and an assortment of coffee varieties. I can say that the cappuccino is nothing amazing, about the same as any average cafe. However, the assortment of breakfast sweets provides much more variety than your average cafe. Also, in case you aren’t in the mood for a typical Italian breakfast, Baylon offer more “American” options such as breakfast sandwiches or eggs benedict. I have yet to try one of these but I can say they look delicious from a distance.

baylon 1

I have also happened to visit Baylon with a friend for lunch. I can tell you that the salmon and spinach salad is an excellent choice, very healthy but full of flavor and the salmon they used was just perfect!

baylon 5

Additionally, any time of day it is possible to order a fresh pressed juice at Baylon, and combinations #1 and #6 are both fantastic in my book. Although the juices are a little pricey at 6 Euros, they are large enough to practically count as a side dish and fulfilling enough too.

baylon 4

I would recommend a trip to Baylon if you find yourself in the Trastevere area of Rome and are looking for a good breakfast, lunch, or cocktail bar option.

Affordability: Baylon is has medium prices for food for budget travelers, depending on what you order. For example while you may pay 1.50 Euros for a cornetti, a breakfast sandwich may cost you upwards of 10 Euros… There are options for all budgets, just take care when ordering to notice the prices.

Food Quality: Baylon gets 5 out 5 stars for offering the best fresh juices and cocktails in the area and providing an excellent place to work on a laptop or study.

Time Investment: Baylon moves fast. You can order from the table but when it is time to pay, you can go to the register so you don’t need to wait for a long time to get your check. You can also stand at the bar for a coffee or a cocktail.


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