La Casetta della Madonna dei Monti

La Casetta is my favorite place in Rome to go with a good book or with my laptop to write. There is free wi fi, the owner is a friendly guy, and the croissants, quiche, coffee, and tea are all amazing! La Casetta is also in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Rome, Rione Monti. Monti is turning into a sort of hipster paradise steps from the Coliseum. Small boutiques, cafes, bars, and gelaterias claim the floor spaces while local residents and very few hotels claim the second through sixth stories of old buildings.

casetta 2

If you aren’t sold on a great neighborhood, what about the cutest store front ever? La Casetta occupies the first floor of an adorable two story cottage covered by ivy. I like to sit in one of the tables in the open doors where there is a small breeze and I can people watch into the street while daydreaming. I have been known to come here and order two cappuccinos back to back. Not that I would need to do so in order to sit there for hours at a time. The owner never seems to rush anyone to move along, so many people stay and linger after their food and drink.

casetta 3

I can also highly recommend the chocolate croissant and the quiche. Usually, there are 3 or 4 varieties of quiche on offer. If you are living in Rome, a stop at La Casetta is a great excuse to stroll around Monti and feel chic… If you are just visiting, you can get to La Casetta in about 10 minutes from the Coliseum, making it the perfect stop for a snack and a coffee.

casetta 1


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