Settimio al Pantheon

Settimio al Pantheon is the perfect place for tourists visiting Rome looking for a delicious lunch or dinner for reasonable prices right around the corner from the Pantheon. The place is very difficult to find going from only the street address though, so be warned if you are not traveling with a gps you may end up circling around the area several times before finding it, as we did. You will be glad you found it though! A small, inconspicuous entrance leads to a large dining room and a friendly wait staff. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone on staff is related, as it has the feel of a family run trattoria.

articokes salad
artichokes salad

Settimio al Pantheon is really a rare find in this tourist packed area. As a starter, we ordered the artichokes salad which I highly recommend to anyone who loves artichokes. The artichokes are still slightly crunchy instead of being cooked to a pulp. Olive oil, vinegar, and pepper coat the artichokes which then are covered by a fine layer of tasty cheese. The cheese and artichoke combination goes together very well in a way that any artichoke lover will enjoy. The salad was not Joey’s favorite because he does not enjoy raw artichokes, so make sure you like them before you order it!


For the main course, I ordered bacala, which is one of my staple Italian favorites. The bacala was juicy and topped with an adequate amount of a tomato based sauce. The bacala also comes with a small bit of polenta which compliments it nicely. Joey ordered traditional Roman cacio e pepe pasta and enjoyed that as well. For the price, Settimio al Pantheon is a must visit! You will have a pleasant experience amidst the tourist hustle and bustle just 2 minutes walking away from the Pantheon. I would return for another artichoke salad any day.

cacio e pepe
cacio e pepe

Settimio al Pantheon is at Via delle Colonnelle, 14.


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