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Today`s post continues my series about online fitness subscription websites. This is part 3. Part 1 covered Barre3 online and Part 2 covered Les Mills on Demand. Follow the links here if you missed them! This post is all about Daily Burn.


Daily Burn is an online exercise solution that offers a wide variety of classes for participants to choose from. When signing up for an account on the site, users answer a series of questions about their goals and workout style. The site then recommends a program for the participant to follow. After completing the survey, Daily Burn selected the Black Fire program with Bob Harper for me.


In order to fairly evaluate Daily Burns online offerings, I not only completed five different Black Fire workouts but I also tried some of the classes from the other programs as well. The majority of my review will concentrate on the training classes and nutrition suggestions provided to me by the site as a participant in the Black Fire program, but I will also comment about my opinions of the other programs such as kettlebells and DB15.


Bob Harper is an excellent fitness trainer who hosts The Biggest Loser and works with a variety of celebrity clients. Harper has more than 20 years of experience as a high caliber trainer working with a variety of clients from all across America and other countries as well. He writes for fitness magazines and manages his own fitness site. There is no arguing that Harper has extensive knowledge about what makes a workout effective and he knows how to tell people what to do to get fit.


So I can’t blame the horrible music that accompanies the Black Fire workouts on poor Bob. He is just doing the coaching. If he was doing the same coaching to more motivating music, I might have been able to push myself more. For me, good music is a hugely important part of having a good workout. And unfortunately, the music on Black Fire is not really motivational.


Each of the Black Fire workouts that I completed were challenging and results driven. I liked that participants are encouraged to keep track of their score and track their repetitions. It is really nice that Daily Burn has a logging feature that allows you to enter your score during the video and records your score so you can compare it over time and see your improvement. However, if you aren’t lazy, you can do the same by keeping a paper and pen near your workout space to record your scores on your own.


My favorite Black Fire workout is the Bodyweight tabata. Bob’s coaching in this video is great and the exercises are challenging to complete. But this brings me to another one of my major annoyances with Daily Burns videos… that is, please put some more clothes on the models! I do not want to watch video after video of girls working out in booty shorts and sports bras and guys with no T shirts on. Maybe that motivates some people, but it just annoys me. While other videos sometimes feature participants with very little clothes, Daily Burn does so on just about every video. Please, stop the pornification of fitness and put some clothes on those models!

To conclude my comments about Black Fire, let me sum it up to say the content is great but the delivery is average. You can find similar workouts for free on Youtube if you take the time to look for them (or work with me and I will curate the best content tailored to your goals that I’ve found throughout 8 years in the industry). Harper is an asset to the program, but the other models in the videos and the accompanying music is generally a bust.


I will briefly comment about the other programs available on Daily Burn. The other programs include:

  • 365 – this program is updated daily with a new workout class from the Daily Burn studio. It’s nice to be able to add variety to your workouts, but frustrating if you really like one because the videos are only available online for 24 hours then they’re gone.
  • DB15 – these are 15 minute focused workouts. I liked the style of an accelerated workout, but I didn’t notice anything special about these workouts that isn’t available elsewhere for free on Youtube.
  • Move! is a dance based workout program and I am not at all a fan. If you’re going to do a dance based program online, make it Zumba or Les Mills Sh’bam, both of which use actual popular music that you can get your groove on to. If Daily Burn wants to offer great dance classes, they need to pay the licensing fees to use popular music with a good beat instead of the weird background music they are currently using.
  • DBK – is Daily Burns kettlebell based program and it is great for beginners to kettlebell. You spend a good amount of time talking about technique and getting set up which is great for beginners but can feel like a waste of time if you have been exercising with a kettlebell for years.
  • Inferno, Cardio Sculpt, Live to Fail, True Beginner, Yoga, Pilates and Beautiful Belly are also available but I wasn’t interested in trying any of these programs.


My conclusion about the exercise portion of Daily Burn is that it is perfect for beginners and those looking for basic exercise programming and coaching. However, you won’t find any videos here that you can’t find for free on Youtube.


What truly sets Daily Burn apart as a service that you can pay for online is that the system tells you exactly which workout to do each day (so that you aren’t overwhelmed by choices) and it provides a log for you to keep track of your repetitions during the video (so you can go back and review your stats as you progress). The other thing that I think makes Daily Burn worth paying for is the meal planning and advice you also receive on your home page.


When you open your Daily Burn home page, you immediately see the workout you are supposed to complete that day along with a meal plan for the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even supplements. It is easy to follow and none of the recipes are super complicated. Again, this can be really helpful because it prevents an information overload. By simplifying your exercise and diet advice into one place, it is much easier to follow the program.


Additionally, Daily Burn has a partnership with Vida, an app that connect health and wellness coaches to you. I tried Vida for 30 days and will write a separate review about it (I really liked it!) Adding the Vida component to Daily Burn is a great idea because additional personal coaching motivates you to complete your workouts and stick to your meal plan. Next week’s post will be all about Vida – what it is, how it works, and if it might be a good choice for you.
Until then, Daily Burn offers free 30 day trials of its online fitness programming. Sign up for a free trial and complete some workouts to determine if it is a good fit for you!


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